Monday 5 September 2011

Seashell Workshop

Fiona MacGillivray provided an excellent seashell workshop at the Centre yesterday afternoon. She gave a very informative talk about the seashells of Islay (she has found 110 species on our shores), providing easy (ish) tips of how to distinguish between similar species. Fiona had brought with her an impressive display of all her finds, all labelled, and we were able to look at them closely through the hand lens and microscopes. Sybil couldn't wait to get into the laboratory to find her own stuff so we sifted through some sand and gravel to find some tiny specimens of nut shells, trough shells and needle whelks. Thanks Fiona for making seashell identification more accessible. We look forward to the book!

Fiona's sketches of the underside of various bivalves

Part of the bivalve display

Sybil was first in the queue for the 'hands-on' activity

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