Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Fungal Spore Print

Here is the fungal spore print from the fungus I took home yesterday. I looked through the powerful microscope and it is fascinating. The spores themselves actually look dark green. I still don't know what species it is. To do a spore print, carefully remove the cap of a fungus (preferably with disposable gloves). When at home or in the laboratory, place the cap right side up on a piece of glass or small sheet of paper and cover with a drinking glass. Leave overnight. The spore droppers (Basidiomycetes) will make a print below the cap you put out. The spore shooters (Ascomycetes) will make a halo around the cap. Sadly I'd thrown the cap out before I realised about the halo thing. ALWAYS BE CAREFUL WHEN HANDLING FUNGI AND UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES ATTEMPT TO EAT. WASH HANDS THOROUGHLY AFTER HANDLING FUNGI.

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