Monday, 8 August 2011

Flora and Fauna at Bunnahabhain, 8th August 2011

"We'll not see many insects today," I foolishly began today's ramble, my words carried away instantly by the strong wind that blowed at Bunnahabhain. I say 'foolishly' because of course we did see lots of insects and now I'm thinking of beginning every ramble by saying, "We'll not see any Golden Eagles/Red Deer/Otters or Basking Sharks today," and see if that has the same effect!

These rambles really are great fun - at least I enjoy them. If you've not been on one yet, consider joining us before the end of the season. Today's highlight has to be the Oystercatcher because it was regarded with such enthusiasm by at least one member of the party who had never seen one before and was enthralled. It made me look at and appreciate this wader again.

Oystercatcher, Kittiwake, Gannet, Herring Gull, Meadow Pipit, Swallow, Great Tit, Common Gull


Usnea sp. (bushy, beard-like species hanging from trees), Ramalina sp. (Fruitose grey/green species on rocks), Cladonia floerkaena ('matchstick' lichen), Anaptychia runsinata (bronzey seaweed on rocks), Xanthoria parietina (yellow on rocks)

Dor Beetle, Bombus pascuorum (Common Carder Bee), Bombus lucorum (White-tailed Bumble Bee), Meadow Brown, Speckled Wood, Peacock Butterfly, Small Tortoiseshell, Grasshopper sp., Golden-ringed Dragonfly, Diving Beetle, Eristalis pertinax (hoverfly)

Common Seal

Rowan, Meadow Buttercup, Creeping Buttercup, Silverweed, White Clover, Lesser Trefoil, Daisy, Mouse-ear sp., Eyebright, Marsh Thistle, Spear Thistle, Foxtail, Common Nettle, Bracken, Hawkweed sp., Common Milkwort, Common Cottongrass, Tormentil, Meadowsweet, Self-heal, Yellow Rattle, Honeysuckle, Round-leaved Sundew, Cross-leaved Heath, Bell Heather, Gorse, Black Knapweed, Marsh Willowherb, Foxglove, Thrift, Sheep Sorrel, Bog Asphodel, Yorkshire Fog, Sweet Vernal Grass, Rhododendron, Marsh Bedstraw, Bramble, Rosa rugosa, English Stonecrop, Small Red Goosefoot, Bilberry, Prickly Sow Thistle, Redshank, Red Clover, Heather, Jointed Rush, Common Spiked Rush, Yarrow, Sneezewort, Angelica, Devil's-bit Scabious, Ragwort, Hard Fern, Marsh Woundwort, Spaghnum sp., Polytrichum juniperinum

Marsh Woundwort - Stachys palustris
Eristalis pertinax - hoverfly

Polytrichum juniperinum - Juniper Haircap Moss


  1. Robert Mill, Edinburgh9 August 2011 at 23:11

    The Eristalis looks like E. pertinax

  2. Thanks, Robert.