Sunday, 5 August 2018

Bowmore Seashore Safari

A nice session of fishing for sea creatures near Bowmore Battery was rewarded with lots of little fishes and crabs.  The children netted opossum shrimps, brown shrimp, a lovely little flat fish, a very small pipe fish, lots of fry, hermit crab and finally a big shore crab was found lurking under the seaweed.  They learned about crabs shedding their old coat to make a new one and how anemones catch and eat little fishes!
Hermit crab, with pipe fish and a fish fry above

Spot the sand shrimp

Studying our finds with avid interest

Two and a half cm flat fish

Common Shore Crab

There is no Mini Wildlife Adventure this Thursday as we will be at the Islay Show (with games and activities), but more seashore adventures are available on the 14th at Killinallan 2pm.

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  1. The small flatfish looks like a Brill or Turbot. I have seen these at Tralee Beach, Benderloch on the mainland.They are much less common than Plaice and Dab which have a more elongated shape. they use the shallows as a nursery ground before moving into deeper water when they have grown to several times this size.