Monday, 9 April 2018

Many pieces of rubbish

A trailer load in 4 hours

Thank you to everyone who came and helped clear rubbish and plastic off the beach at Kilchoman on Sunday. There were in excess of 45 people some who came specifically to help and some who came to enjoy the beach and were still prepared to grab a bag and pick up debris, big and small.  So much help makes a big difference to the beautiful beaches we so enjoy but it doesn't have to be a big effort just a few times a year, if we all chip in during our beach visits by doing a little, we can achieve a lot.
Fiona MacGillivray

Three pieces of rubbish!

Make your beach plastic free,
Oh, what a sight that would be!

Plastic litter on the beach,
is a scourge to man and beast.

It floats on in, off the sea,
in a relentless tide of mans' debris.

Piled high, we throw our hands up high
'How can we just let this lie?!'

But with visitors and walkers each day,
we can reduce it day by day.

Pick up three pieces of rubbish each,
and your beach will be a peach.

There is always a bin that sits quite near,
pop it in and you can cheer.

Then your beach will just be,
sand and sea, and clutter free!

 © Fiona MacGillivray 

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