Friday, 4 August 2017

New and rare sightings

This week Alistair, our resident fungi enthusiast, provided some of his recent records complete with photographs. Back in July, he sighted the Destroying Angel (Amanita virosa) at the Kilmeny Plantation, and this is the first record on Islay. He also sighted the Aniseed Cockleshell (Lentinellus cochleatus), which is the first sighting since 1993 on Islay, at Loch Ballygrant south.

While on his travels he also sighted the Beautiful Carpet moth, Mesoleuca albicillata, which is only the second recorded sighting of the moth on Islay - Malcolm caught one in his moth trap in July 2011. There have also been three records on Colonsay. Although not uncommon in southern Britain, it is scarce in Scotland.

Thanks Alistair! 

Beautiful carpet moth

Destroying Angel

Destroying Angel from below

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