Monday 8 February 2016

AGM and Seychelles Talk

Join us this Tuesday 16th February at 7:00pm for a brief (we promise!) AGM followed by what promises to be a fascinating talk by Michal Šúr on Aldabra in the Seychelles at the INHT Centre in Port Charlotte (next to the youth hostel). Admission is free, as is the tea and cake, although donations are always welcome!

Michal is a fantastic photographer, so his images from Aldabra promise to be stunning. Aldabra itself is the second largest raised atoll in the world, and the largest in the Indian Ocean. Amongst many other important features, it has the largest frigatebird colony in the Indian Ocean, the last flightless bird in the Indian Ocean, the largest population of giant tortoises on the planet (100,000), is a UNESCO and Ramsar site, and is an important site for nesting green turtles. It is part of the Seychelles, about 1000 miles from the main island, and has a human population of about 15 researchers. Michal spent 2 winters there doing research, surveying frigatebirds and the flightless rail, monitoring nests of passerines, and undertaking many other surveys. If you can't wait until the talk, you can find out more about this amazing place and Michal's photography (spoiler alert!) at . See you on Tuesday!

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