Tuesday, 20 January 2015

After the Storms - 16th January 2015

Just the day before the sea was up to the road with waves and spray blasting the cars as they drove by at Black Rock, no ferries for much of the week with most folk finding indoor jobs and huddling by their fires.  But its not so easy for the wildlife.  I took a stroll along the beach at Black Rock where 24hours previously it had been churning waves, to see what had been washed up.  Broken shellfish, numerous sea squirts, starfish, crabs and a poor young coal fish.  It is always interesting, if a little sad, to find species that live offshore and know that out there, there is a whole other world we hardly appreciate.

many washed up worm carcasses
What I think to be a Sipuncula worm - Golfinga vulgaris

Sea squirt

Blunt Capper, buries itself in the sand

Ragworm, starfish and many Philinidea washed up

Philine aperta, it has a small insignificant shell, where its body grows from but not fully protected.  It lives in the sand in deeper water feeding on polychaetes, bivalves and on the small Green Sea urchin.


  1. Thanks for the pictures! I definitely would have been out on the beach discovering the aftermath of the storm, too.


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