Friday 25 July 2014

Geology Ramble - Kilchiaran 20th July

A small band of budding geologists gathered for an insight into Islay geology, super old rocks and a fascinating explanation of how they were formed and how they got here, once formed over the South pole! David Webster provided the answers and managed to make confused brains understand how it all fitted together. A million years difference in the geology of the rocks south of Kilchiaran Bay and those to the north.

Sand martin burrows in glacial moraine deposited in the sea

Explaining the lines in the rocks

Chough beak marks in thyme covered ant hills

Basalt sill holding back a splash pool, full of sticklebacks and whirlygig beetles

Rare forms of basalt and understanding how it formed.

Basalt inclusions, slates, mud and siltstones, gneiss and rare flint stones, how they got here and the effects of glacial erosion and deposition.

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