Friday 4 April 2014

Purple Saxifrage and Marsh Fritillary Caterpillars

I tend to think spring is advancing when I see these tiny black creatures emerge from wherever they've been hiding all winter, make their way to the top of a plant shoot and bask in the warm sun. Little did I expect to see them twisting and turning their pin-sized heads this cold and breezy afternoon on our stroll on the Oa. But there they were - and lots of them. It was fantastic! As if that wasn't exciting enough, Jane spotted first one, then several clumps of brilliant lilac Purple Saxifrage adorning the cliffs. These amazingly coloured flowers know where to grow for safety, for nothing can graze them there! The ones I photographed were the only accessible ones! What a wonderful afternoon!

Marsh Fritillary caterpillars

Each black spot is a clump of caterpillars!

Purple Saxifrage

Purple Saxifrage on the cliffs on The Oa

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