Thursday, 11 November 2010

Weather issues - Port Charlotte pier a few minutes ago

Islay is currently one of the areas of the UK least affected by the severe gale-force winds that are buffeting these islands.  Things could get quite interesting though because both Port Askaig and now Port Ellen have been damaged by collisions with ferries.  The 09.45 ex Kennacraig has just failed to dock in Port Ellen and may be heading to Port Askaig to let passengers (only) off if required before heading back to Kennacraig with all vehicles still on board.  Including the fuel tanker which it is believed is required to keep the power station running in Bowmore.  The island is currently using a diesel generator for power because the cable connecting us to the mainland is also damaged. 

The 18.00 hrs departure to Islay from Kennacraig this evening will be to Port Askaig and be passenger only.

Winds of over 70mph are expected on Islay by around 19.00hrs

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