Friday, 5 November 2010

Community Of Arran Seabed Trust

About Community of Arran Seabed Trust

COAST is a not for profit, voluntary community group which recognises and values the amazing marine biodiversity right on our shoreline and the need to protect it.

COAST's vision: That the No Take Zone (NTZ) will protect Maerl beds and other seabed habitats, regenerate fish and scallop populations and enhance the marine biodiversity in Lamlash Bay.

COAST also endeavers to:
Educate others, especially children, on the need for marine conservation through local, national and international events.
Improve the marine environment in our own "backyard" and determine success through monitoring.
Help sustain the livelihood of those dependant on fishing and tourism.
Increase the popularity of the area as both a diving site and tourist destination.
Reverse the dramatic decline of local fish stocks.

What is a No Take Zone?
A NTZ is an area of sea and seabed from which no marine life can be removed by any method.
The NTZ was established in the autumn of 2008 to protect Maerl beds and to promote natural regeneration of all marine life. It benifits the local economy by attracting visitors and divers to Arran. Eventually commercial fishermen gain with bigger and better catches in the neighbouring overspill areas.
Scientific evidence from New Zealand show that NTZ's do work, so the future looks positive for Lamlash Bay.

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