Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Investigating the Port Askaig Tillites

45 eager students in search of Tillites

Geology excursion to the Tillite features along the Sound of Islay with the Bolin Centre Climate Students. 
Alasdair Skelton explaining where the Tillites feature in the Islay geology

A beautiful day and some interesting rock formations. 

Could there be too many rocks?!

Granite, Limestone and Quartzite stones and boulders infused in rock the result of glacial till fused in geological time!

There was also a White-tailed Eagle on the walk back and a grey seal watching all the people on the beach. So the identification features provided on last nights 'Islay Wildlife Wonders' talk could be pointed out in the field: Grey Seal - Labrador face; Sea Eagle - big heavy bird just flapping along (no Soaring!)


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