Sunday, 16 November 2014

It's November, so it's time for the December Moth!

Trapping last night after a gap caused by the wild and wet weather we've been having, I caught a December Moth, my fourth and Islay's fourth! I caught one in November 2010 and two in November 2013. I like its thick winter coat! I have, though, still not managed to catch a November Moth, which fly in September and October. I hope to get the trap out a few times from now on, because I've never caught a Winter Moth, for which there are no Islay records, though two on Colonsay, and then look forward to the March Moth, which flies from late January and for which there are no Islay records, yet the books say it occurs in the Inner Hebrides! A bit of optimism required, I feel, and reasonable weather.


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